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Detail of Services

We focus on Litigation in this office.  The areas of practice include Family Law (divorce, child custody, child support, modifications), Orders of Protection, Criminal Law, DUI, Adoption, Probate Law (Estates and planning) and Personal Injury.  If you need to go to Court, don't go alone.

Upcoming Events

Holidays can mean stressful times for many.  Plan in advance.  The Courthouse and our office close for the holiday season.  Book appointments today.

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We have social media sites as well.  Please visit and leave a comment.  

Current Deals

If you refer a friend to our law office and they mention the referral, a $50 credit will be applied to your account for each new client that retains for our services.


Our office is located across from the historic courthouse and the new sheriff's department in Nashville.  Parking is located next to our building for convenience.

Commonly asked Questions

How much will my divorce cost?  This question is asked a lot.  The answer is difficult to provide because of all of the factors that go into each case.  Jill likes to answer with a question, "how difficult are you both going to be?"  When people can remove the emotions of a divorce and try to be reasonable with each other, the costs are minimized.  But for many, Court is necessary and the cost is determined by the activity in each case.